Where did I go wrong with my business? I don’t even recognize it now.

When you first thought of how you should set up your business, you examined and scrutinized every aspect of it. Sure you looked at the funding, probably wrote your business plan and had a budget.

It grew beyond your wildest dreams. Money flowing into your account, purchasing needed assets to help it grow larger and now more staff to help run it.

Then you notice all of a sudden your payables are taking longer and longer to pay.

So as most business owners do, you need to manage better, put policies in place, fire non-producers, change processes etc.


Let our teams take a quick look

When you first contact one of our team members they will ask just a few questions about the issues may be experiencing.


Depending on your issues

A specialist or a small group of industry experts or a whole team can be assembled to solve your problems.


Plan of action put into place

Our team can work with your team to implement the solution and get your company back on track to success.

How did I miss this? How did I let this happen? Was I asleep at the wheel?

Simple answer, when you first started your business you knew all aspects of your business. You were so busy working for your business you weren’t working your business.

As a business grows the model changes ever so slightly. A little at a time and a major issue arises before we look at it and ask ourselves “what happened?”. We have corrected many companies that started out as distributing their products directly from the manufacturer to the end user then changed the model to “Just in Time” (J.I.T) by bringing in stock and not taking into consideration all the new issues that arise.

When policies, processes and procedures, which is managements responsibilities, don’t line up correctly most often the personnel are blamed. This leads to poor employee morale, toxic working environment and a high turn-over.

Our team can analyze and report back solutions, set up metrics that management can review and help implement them.

No need to micro manage your business. With measurements, policies, procedures and processes in place you can oversee and manage with less stress.